Officially established in 2009, Screeching Halt comprises of a small team of two digital professionals with a combined 49 years of knowledge in the industry. From the forefront of online technology, our wide-range of abilities allow us to keep most Digital Marketing, software development, graphic and video design in-house.

Unlike other businesses, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the ability to speak to directly contact the individual who is actually processing your work so there is no unnecessary “middleman” warping the message as it passes through them.

Whilst other companies focus on handing-off any tasks they are unable to do to sub-contractors, Screeching Halt ensures that each member of their team are kept up-to-date with the constantly evolving digital software and best practices.

After nearly a decade in business, we have existed in this ever-challenging time by relying on our work to tell the story. Businesses like yours approach us directly for quotes based upon our good work achieved on our client’s websites.

With Screeching Halt you will receive a small team to handle your request, offer you a better service than most others in the industry and the ability to manoeuvre as quickly as you can. We have lived and breathed this work and are one of the small percentage of people who love our jobs and the challenge involved.

Our website is built to showcase a small selection of our services from Digital Marketing to Graphic design but each and every commission is unique, so we urge you to challenge us with your idea and let us realise it for you in the best way possible.

Nationally recognised for our work

We are extremely proud to be recognised for our Marketing and Digital expertise and work in the UK automotive industry. With three car manufacturer’s all independently acknowledging our impressive range of websites, video work, and graphic design, you’ll be in good hands when you choose Screeching Halt.

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