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For everything digital

View just a small range of our services below. For everything digital, Screeching Halt Web & Media Services are here to help. For many of our clients, the first step of this journey is the most difficult. Let us help you every step of the way. A short conversation with one of our team and we can put a plan in place to get you on the right track for showcasing and selling online.

Professional Websites

Your website made to the design specification that you want. Our team will walk you through the design process, hosting, updates, management and marketing. If you’re looking to sell online (via an eCommerce store), promote your business or create an informational portal, we’re here to help.

Website Maintenance

You have your website sitting loud and proud on the internet. Who’s looking after it? Who’s maintaining the content and (more importantly) who is marketing it?

Digital Consultancy

You need a plan in place to correctly market your digital presence. We are happy to advise on all of the latest technology and marketing techniques to bring your business to your customers.

Graphic Design

Whether it be for print or web, our digital graphic team can produce or reproduce your designs. From logo creation to huge banners for large events.

Web Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term that encompasses many facets of the industry. If you’re looking to market your business properly and are not suckered in by sweeping statements such as “I can get you to the top of Google” then we’re happy to talk.

Social Marketing

In this era of social networks, its’s important to have a Social Marketing strategy. There are plenty of younger people prepared to take control of your social networks but without a clearly defined strategy in place, it would be like handing the reigns to your business over to a teenager.

AutoNerd Automotive

Our custom based software hooks into one of the most popular and secure platforms on the planet. Built as a more flexible and cost effective alternative to Netdirector Auto & the Starkwood Media Group, it powers several of the biggest names in the automotive industry.


Whether you want your products showcased in the most beautiful of ways or an impossible birds-eye view of your business and staff, we have you covered at Screeching Halt.

Tech Troubleshooting

You’re stuck. Your website or software is not working as it should and you need help. We’re happy to investigate and discuss your options.

Video Services

Our videos speak for themselves. We have showcased a variety of businesses in a variety of ways. From helper videos, brand introductions, recruitment and award videos. We are proud to display them online, privately and in large venues such as the Aldershot Town Football Club.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can ensure your site conforms to the latest standards expected by the large search engines. We can also check your content so it is formatted in a way that is read way by the latest Search Engine for Voice systems in place.

Custom Programming

You have an idea for a program or plugin but don’t know how to realise it. Our in-house coder can go through your requirements and create a plan in place for you in your language of choice.


Finalsite is used by schools and academic communities across the world and whilst your institution may have signed up for the software, you still need to maintain, write, ensure it is formatted, marketed and more. Let one of our team take the reigns for you.

NetDirector Auto

Arguably one of the most popular automotive eccomerce and website platform on the planet. Whilst we may disagree that it is the best available (see AutoNerd), we are experienced in writing content, graphics for it. If your company has already paid out for Netdirector (from Gforces) and is looking for someone to manage the content for it, we’re here to take the reigns.

Content Writing

Writing news articles can be a pain. Thinking of new ideas and content that will engage can take a serious amount of time from your day when “real work” needs to be done. We are happy to take over the burden of your content writing and ensure that it is unique and benefits both your online reputation and analytics results.

Contact us to find out how we can help!

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If you have a query then complete the form and we shall get straight back to you. We’re happy to arrange a consultation at any time. Contact Screeching Halt today.

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