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Created to offer an alternative to the behemoths of the car dealer platform industry, the AutoNerd Automotive system is a fully-integrated suite, comprising an industry-leading Content Management System (CMS), a collection of easy digital-marketing and social marketing tools as well as a full collection search engine optimisation tools.

Did we mention, it includes your own web professional?

When you choose AutoNerd as your car dealer website platform, you have the option of having the “light” version (one where you manage the day-to-day content) or “Premium” where a web management professional looks after your every digital need.

This web professional will take care of your latest posts, articles, graphic design, offers and social sharing for a single monthly fee. Choose AutoNerd Premium and you’ll get the software that powers your site, manages your feeds, sells your cars as well as a web professional who is required to make all of it happen. We believe there is nothing quite like it in the industry and it’s already been applauded by a national car manufacturer..

If it doesn’t have the feature, we’ll add it for free

You need a feature but you’re used to spending more for it. If we agree that feature is worth creating, we will add it to the AutoNerd system for free. In fact all security updates are free and every feature we will ad in the future will not cost you any more than the regular amount. This way AutoNerd stays completely relevant, up to date across all of its installations.

4000 unique car offers created within minutes

This figure was made up. In fact the true figure is more than this. AutoNerd can automatically create thousands of individual and unique offers within minutes of setting it going. With a CAP feed installed, this can be a continuous and regular process.

Allow your customers to hone down the exact make, model and colour of vehicle they want with our offer system.

More flexible than the industry itself

The car industry can be sometimes stuck in the past; resolutely refusing to alter or adapt. Sometimes though,, massive shifts occur and we’re seeing that recently with more car dealerships offering online car sales. AutoNerd is constantly being updated and shifting when the tide changes in the car industry. .It adapts continually to the rough waters that is digital online presence.

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