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You need a strategy to succeed

Digital Marketing is a term that has seen recent prevalence but whilst there are more and more people claiming to be “experts”, there is a simple lesson to be learned. If you have ever considered replying to one of those unsolicited emails mentioning Digital Marketing then you don’t have a strategy….yet.

There’s still time

Digital Marketing can be summed up in three distinctive ways: Digital targeting, Digital remarketing and better digital presence

Digital Targeting

Digital Targeting encompasses a range of tactics including:

In an ideal scenario Screeching Halt take a holistic approach to these and ensure that each category is focused on equally. Naturally this is budget-dependent but even the implementation of some of these key digital targeting techniques can really boost your results.

Digital Remarketing

A relatively new concept with regards to paid advertising is the concept of digital remarketing. Focusing on advertising to users who have already visited your site, therefore ensuring brand awareness and reminding the potential customer of your products or services.

Remarketing is a powerful tool in the right hands and with the ability to correctly tag conversions and link clicks throughout your website, your advertisement budget can be kept to a minimum thanks to a completely focused campaign. For more on how Digital Remarketing can help your business, contact us today.

A better digital presence

This should be clear from the outset. Your website should be concise, detailed and your brand is consistent across all channels (Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Business etc). Your website should be fast, optimised for mobile phones with clear call-to-actions and self-promotions throughout (if it’s an eCommerce store). Before targeting or remarketing can be properly effective, a better digital presence needs to be established.

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