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Finalsite is the award-winning web suite which empowers schools and educational institutes to handle their website, digital marketing and content in-house. Much like Netdirector Auto though, whilst the software is incredibly powerful, the work involved to undertake a well managed is often underestimated. Most of us just don’t have the time to commit to running our websites full-time. Especially if we are not well versed in web technologies.

Our team can take the reigns of your Finalsite installation and ensure regular content written, pages are updated, the appropriate digital marketing strategies are put into place and any bugs found are reported back to the programmers.

There is a reason your school isn’t being found by keywords

Many of us who sign up to Finalsite are unaware of why our website doesn’t seem to be indexed by search engines. It is easy to get your main keyword (the name of your institution) indexed and on the first page of Google. It is much harder to get generic terms listed. Your school website should contain a wealth of pages of uniquely written content; all of it written with search engines in mind. It is a sad truth that, this is not usually the case.

You have a web manager. What else would I need?

A web manager is in charge of the content on the website. With Finalsite it can be anyone from your team. Unfortunately these people are often not up to date with the latest indexing trends and best practices which tends to lead to lower rankings.

If your staff write each of their articles and your web manager needs training or advice then you can come to us. We’ll be happy to help.

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