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If you’re looking at this service page then you are either a new business looking to set up a website or an established one looking to improve upon your old one. Whichever category you fall into, we can help.

We pride ourselves on our completely unique website designs that are catered to every one of our clients. Whilst other website designers often make refusals on certain design choices, we are happy to be led by your choices. Of course, we’re here to help or take the reigns whenever you need us but if you have a design in mind, then we are more than happy to take on the challenge.

Your website is your own unique shopfront and it is framed in exactly the same way that large businesses are such as Amazon, Apple, Ebay and Microsoft. We are all essentially only limited to the screen-size of the visitor and with our completely responsive designs, they look beautiful no matter how you take your internet.

From Design inception to website launch

Initial Meeting

We discuss your requirements and how we can best represent your business online. We offer a choice of platforms that may suit your needs and whether an eCommerce solution is needed. Your ideas are noted down as well as any websites that you like the look of. Domain names, hosting and email accounts are also discussed.

Inception of Design

Once agreed, we take your design to the prototyping stage where you can see your website take shape. Custom graphics, logos and video content is added if needed. Any alterations are taken into a consideration and applied.

Your content added

You have the choice of adding your own content to your site either before, during or after website launch. You have the option of asking our content writer to take your notes or bullet points and filling the website with clearly written information.

SEO implementation

Our standard website design service includes initial search engine optimisation to ensure that your website is indexed correctly by Google, Bing and other major search engines and directories.

Final Checks & Go Live

Final technical and search engine optimisation checks are made and once completely approved, the website is launched.

Functionality & Usability

Your new website will be optimised for ease of use. Made to ensure that the visitor is not bored or inundated with unwanted text or media. Call to actions will be scattered with consideration of the viewer. Features and functions including a live-chat system or social embeds will be integrated if required to ensure the best experience possible. You will be given the option of accessing the backend of the platform to perform news / blog post updates and we encourage you to do so to ensure your site continues to be relevant to modern search engines. We can arrange to do this for a fee if required.

Security Updates

Unlike other website designers, our team will quote you for the:

  • Website design
  • Security updates**
  • SSL certificate**
  • Domain names*
  • Hosting*
  • Digital Marketing*
  • Content writing*
  • Custom graphics*

Security updates are always included in the price as this is an essential part of keeping your website secure, fast and relevant. Whilst other designers (and prominent web platforms) put this important factor last, we believe it as an essential part of best practice for modern web development.

*if required and at an additional cost.
** an essential part of website development. A small monthly cost is associated with these.

Optimisation and implementation

Speed, compatibility and usability and the are the three pillars of web design undertaken correctly. Your visitors won’t wait for your page to load. In fact recent studies have indicated that 53% of users abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. This has encouraged the search giant (Google) to give a higher priority to mobile-first designed websites and those using AMP for a better user experience.

Each of our websites are designed Mobile-First and stringently tested to be fully compliant with search engine’s expectations. Our Search Engine Optimisation procedures are extremely thorough and included social linking, embedding, the latest schema expectations and much more besides. Our Search Engine Optimisation page covers this in more detail.

Your platform of choice

Whilst we would initially suggest building your website upon the WordPress platform (for customer ease of use, flexibility and security features), every client is different. We can even set you up on your own installation so you can spend the time putting together your site, in your time, in your own way.

You may have a strictly automotive, boating or real-estate website with needs for greater functionality than WordPress or Magento can offer. At this point we’d urge you to look at a fully focused piece of software such as Netdirector Auto-e or AutoNerd which offers a range of features over and above its competitors without the costly overheads.

If you are a private school then you may want to consider Finalsite. Whichever you choose, we are happy to help with the design, planning, custom graphics, search engine optimisation and more.

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