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The goal and results of being social

For some of us social marketing is a needless addition to our daily work; a further complication and something that does not lead to sales. For others it is a light relief the pressures of the day where you can catch up with the people you are interested in and share what you’re passionate about. Social marketing for these and all kinds of people should be an essential part of your business plan.

Why should I market my business on Social Networks?

Whether you love or hate social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), it is time to embrace them. For businesses they provide a wealth of information, direct marketing and tools that can lead your customers straight to your website, service or door.

Show a little humanity to your business

Your business is run by people (you and staff). Each and every one of those is likely to have some form (or be linked to) a social network.. Each of these accounts are linked to their friends and friends of friends etc. This allows you to show off your human side; the one that has a personality.

Don’t just keep posting offers

Social networks are one of the last ways to sell something online based upon the personality of the staff. Show your humour and be rewarded by regular loyalty. Show your geeky knowledge and you’ll be rewarded with loyalty. Spam every post with offers and you’ll find yourself talking to no-one. Few businesses function with this philosophy and it’s not a surprise. If you don’t have a strategy in place for your social presence (what accounts, what posting regularity, type or tone etc) then you’ll come unstuck very quickly.

Social Networks Advertising tools

The tools that social networks offer for paid advertising are incredibly detailed. Each user indicates explicitly what they like and (by omission) do not like. Most users on Facebook are using their real name (it’s in the terms and conditions). You can directly reach your potential customers by correctly profiling them.

Remarketing makes these advertising tools even more powerful. You can target the actual visitors to your site with your product or service and only pay out when they purchase from you. It takes a little programming to set up but is extremely powerful in the right hands.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

If you’re worried about starting a social network as you don’t think you can fit it into your schedule then we’re here to help. We can organise, post, moderate or delegate the work needed so you are never unnecessarily overwhelmed.

Can I sell products on Facebook now?

Yes. In fact you can have a shop tab as part of your Facebook page with your current stock (which can be automatically propogated with your current stock. You can manually list items on Facebook Marketplace (which is fast becoming the used item platform of choice for UK users) or automatically send you feed (i.e. Used Car Stock) there. All of this, we can manage for you.

Sounds very complicated

It’s really not. Tools like Facebook are made to be understood by the masses but if you’re ever in doubt then give us a call. We’ll be happy to consult you on your Social Marketing strategy

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